Bio of Abbey Gutowski

My name is Abbey Gutowski, and I am a freshman here at UMaine.
I am majoring in New Media and am also a member of the field hockey team.
I come from a family of four sisters and Catholic values. So far this year I haven't
been able to find much free time at all, but typically in my spare time my hobbies are
playing the piano (i've played for twelve years,) snowboarding, and playing around with
Garage Band. I've broken many bones and lose the feeling in my toes when at a high elevation.
I hate Country music and love to daydream. I sleep more than i'm awake, I'm allergic to caffine,
and hallucinate when I have a fever. Some people say I'm funny, but I guess that's subject to opinion.

In a few years from now I hope to see myself graduated from UMaine and heading out to Full Sail to
get my masters in Film and Audio production. I love Graphic Arts, and could spend hours making music and
movies. I took gold in the Skills USA competition for Graphics and was invited to go to Nationals. I also
produced a PSA about "Don't text and Drive," which won the NH film festival. New Media is my passion and I
hope to make a career out of it.